Ally's First ASL talk - 2014

Ally's ASL Talk on 4/7/2014

Spencer's #3 Talk

Spencer's #3 TMS Talk on Oct. 22, 2013

Spencer's CA Part

Spencer's CA Part - Oct. 2013

Ally's 2012 South Africa Trip

Ally's three weeks in South Africa in December 2012

Beer Brewing - December 2012

Ruben and I brewed 4 batches of beer on December 1, 2012. Here's the 8 hour experience in 7 minutes...

2012 California Trip

We took a trip to California in November 2012 to visit family and for our "Last Meal(s)" at our favorite Mexican restaurant, La Imperial before it closes. Here's Ally's slideshow...

New York 2012 Trip

The girls go to NYC, hit The Met for the "Woman & The Seed" tour, see a ballet, and attend the annual meeting all in one whirlwind weekend!


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