Email Lists

We run a listserver hosting several email lists for various technical, personal, or family groups. If you would like to subscribe to a list, or manage an existing subscription, you may do so here.

The following public email lists are currently avaialble:

  • Camping - This list is for coordinating the twice-yearly (well, mostly) camping trips that Steve and Ruben organize. Low volume
  •  Admin Misc Strikes Back! - This list is a follow-on to the (non?)technical list for computer systems originally hosed by Andrew S. Baker. Often a high volume list.


Additionally, of you are already subscribed to a list and want to access the archives or manage you subscrition settings, the mail list server page is here:


Note: All list subscription requests require administrator approval, which ususally is within 24 hours


The list server is powered by L-Soft's free version of Listserv Lite. It currently is running in Internet Infomation Server 7.5 on a Windows Server 2008 virtual host, and uses a Microsoft Exchange server for SMTP services.

This free version of the software allows for up to 10 lists of up to 500 subscribers each for non commercial use. It's a bit hard to find on their site, but you may download it here. Check it out if you are interested in a high perfomance free email list hosting product on the Windows platform.