Convention days 2-3

By Steven Caesare on 7/20/2014
The last 2 days of the convention were amazing. We peaked at over 36,000 in attendance in Frankfurt, and almost 225,000 at all conventions tied in! There were almost 300 baptized, and about 400 missionaries present for the convention.

Frankfurt Day Two; Convention Day 1

By Steven Caesare on 7/18/2014
Today was the first day of the convention, pretty amazing to have 35,000 JW's all in one place. There were about 8000 English delegates, and a little over 3000 Greek delegates. The rest were German attendees.

Two weeks in Europe

By Steven Caesare on 7/18/2014
Thought I'd post a few updates along the way as the family travels to Frankfurt Germany for the 2014 International Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses. After a week in Frankfurt we'll be heading to Prague in the Czech Republic for a few days, and then Fussen Germany for the remainder of the second week. We then head back to Munich for the flight home.