Leaving Prague and heading to Fussen

By Steven Caesare on 7/28/2014

On our second full day in Prague we started off with a visit to the “Lennon Wall”, a piece of interior city wall that ended up with some of the song artist’s peace lyrics graffiti’d on it the day Lennon died. When the city painted the graffiti over, more appeared… this kept happening until finally the city just left it alone and it became kind of a memorial to the objection of Communist rule by the people. There are some pictures of it in the gallery pages.

After that we caught the street tram over the river and down to one of the prominent cemeteries (near another large church, of course). We saw graves as old as the 1700’s, but given the age of the city, I was surprised there were none older than that…

Then up to Wencelas Square where the girls did some shopping, there were street performers, and the like. We cut thru a small garden area, and then grabbed another tram up to the northern section of the city.

We went to a large Beer Garden in Letna park for lunch and a couple of CZ’s wonderfully inexpensive brews. We then walked through the park for about 15 minutes to get to the “Metronome”. This is a giant working (although not at the time we visited) metronome that was built on top of a massive stone pedestal originally serving as the base for a giant statue of Stalin nearly 50 feet tall.  The size and immensity of the location was impressive, you can see how the inhabitants would have bristled at it overlooking their city, with fires on the giant bowls lighting up the night and the Soviet flag flying on either side.

The statue was destroyed after the downfall of Stalin, and the metronome eventually built in its place. You can see the original statue on the Wikipedia Page to compare to our pictures of the site now.

On the way back to our apartment, we went thru a small museum dedicated to Franz Kafka. Now I guess I’ll have to read a Kafka book…

After a stop off at the apartment for a break we went back out and went through a museum dedicated to what communist life was like in the country. It was an interesting glimpse in to what the inside of communist was like and the propaganda levied against the West.

We then had dinner at a great little Italian place… good food and wine, and Spencer found out he’s not fond of Limoncello.

We then went back through some of the squares and across the Charles Bridge to our apartment… all of which were lit up and full of people at night.

It was about 11pm when we got back, and Ally I decided to go back to a place along the river that played music and we sat and enjoyed our final beer in Prague… we finally made it back shortly before 1am… it was a long day.

The next day we decided to pack up and leave by about 10am so we could stop at Dachau on our 5-hour drive to Fussen. It is an amazingly surreal experience to walk through the gate and stand on the grounds of a concentration camp, and see depicted all that went on there. We spent a little under two hours and then continued on to Fussen.

We arrived at Fussen, a quaint little traditional Bavarian town at the base of the German portion of the Alps, checked in to our bed & breakfast, and found a place to eat (we were starving). We did a little exploring of the town that evening before hitting the sack.

I’m out of time for now… there are some pics of our second day in Fussen in the album… I’ll update again soon about our time here…